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Our software is a simulation solution for the optimisation of the following controlling processes:

Multi-year planning: Whether for long-term planning, operational planning, or target setting, Valsight lets you apply driver-based planning with simulations of financial scenarios. To make your financial planning more transparent and efficient.

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Forecast: With Valsight, you create financial forecasts based on value-driver-models that map the key financial and operational factors influencing the company’s performance; therefore achieving greater efficiency not only in financial planning, but also in the preparation of monthly or quarterly forecasts.

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Ad-hoc simulations: Valsight offers different simulation options for all use cases that can be mapped with financial KPIs. From collective bargaining to M&As to investment calculations.

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Yes. One of the main advantages of Valsight is its multi-scenario capability, with significantly reduced effort. Based on existing data and assumptions about the future, different scenarios can be simulated on an ad hoc basis. The measures are defined once and can then be activated in one or more scenarios. This allows you to see and evaluate the impact per scenario in real time. And add more scenarios with just one click.

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With Valsight, we offer you a meaningful extension – and, if required, complete or partial replacement – of Excel. You can do without the disadvantages of Excel without losing the advantages. The main added value of Valsight compared to Excel:

  • Transparency about the source of the figures or overview of the calculation logic and cause-effect relationships thanks to central input at database level
  • Simulation capability, especially for different scenarios
  • Work with multiple users per workspace

In other words, Valsight starts being fun where Excel stops being fun. Experienced Excel users quickly get to grips with Valsight and, after only a short training period, can implement the calculations for simulating scenarios themselves.

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At this point we like to let our customers speak for themselves, from medium-sized companies to DAX-listed corporations.

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In addition, Valsight regularly receives awards from financial experts, most recently in the world’s largest survey on planning software, “BARC The Planning Survey 21”. We received top marks for core applications in the KPIs planning functionality, forecasting and simulation, among others, and 24 first-place rankings.
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Thanks to our agile approach in line with your requirements, we ensure a fast project start. The implementation time depends, among other things, on the size of the company, the process to be supported and the availability of relevant data. In most cases, the implementation process is divided into a pilot phase (Proof-of-Concept or POC) to test your use case and, should you be satisfied with the POC results, the subsequent roll-out. The pilot phase lasts on average about 1-3 months.

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In addition to rapid software testing and go-live, we work with partners in case you need assistance with the overall change management process.

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You can test Valsight extensively as part of a paid pilot phase (proof-of-concept or POC). This project involves the joint development of one or more individual test models over a period of 1 to 3 months, accompanied by training and advice from our consultants. This allows you to individually evaluate the benefits of scenario analysis in your financial planning process and make an informed decision regarding the use of Valsight.

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Our prices and models depend on your requirements. The license model is based on named user licenses with annual recurring licenses and consists of the Team, Corporate and Enterprise packages. Within these packages, different user types define the concrete scope of functions. We can advise you on the right combination of package and user types based on your use case.

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No. Our platform is very user-friendly and uses an intuitive formula language – as you know it from Excel, for example – in the translation of the business model into a suitable financial model. The intuitive, visual editor makes it easy to integrate financial and operational data without any programming knowledge. The basic data from upstream processes and systems are integrated via different interfaces.

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The services included in the usage fee comprise user support for technical questions within the usage period. User support is available Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 by telephone and e-mail. In addition, you can use our electronic ticket system where you can post new requests and view the status of existing ones. You will receive a qualified response from us the day after your request at the latest. There are also numerous online support materials available.

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We provide interfaces for seamless integration of data from your inventory BI, CRM and ERP systems. The data connection can be made via OData or SQL and via Excel upload.

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Valsight is a cloud solution, so all you need is browser access. We use the German cloud hosting providers Telekom OTC and Hetzner. Your data is hosted in Germany in accordance with German and European law. Alternatively, we offer the option of operating Valsight in your own data center (on premise).

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Valsight is simulation software for agile enterprise performance management. So that controlling teams are not only faster, but also better.


We give the managers of medium-sized companies and large corporations the security to make the right decisions at all times in a dynamic and complex environment.

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Valsight is simulation software for agile enterprise performance management. So that controlling teams are not only faster, but also better.

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E-Mail:   info@valsight.com

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