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The growing dynamics of the markets and increasingly complex economic demands require a more flexible response to difficult issues. Corporate management in particular, as the central controlling body, must face up to this problem and find suitable solutions for complex issues. This is the task that Valsight software addresses: The founding idea of Valsight is to make decision-making more effective and efficient through flexible ad-hoc simulations of financial scenarios. In other words, to do it faster and better.

Modeling, simulating and visualizing

In Valsight, business users can independently model, simulate and visualize the simulation results in seconds without IT support. The modeling of the driver models is done simply by mouse click. The most important influencing factors for the company, so-called value drivers, are defined and used as the basis for the models. Value driver models define a standardized calculation logic, concentrate on control-relevant content and focus on the essentials. Simulations based on the driver models make it possible to react quickly to changing circumstances and to derive consistent plan scenarios quickly and efficiently. The usability of the Valsight software is so intuitive and simple that, for example, moving controllers quickly leads to simulation results.
The simulation is accompanied by meaningful and diverse visualization of the results. Valsight makes it possible to make the scenarios created vivid and tangible in a matter of seconds, forming a solid basis for discussion and decision-making, directly in campus rounds or management meetings if required. Various analysis and visualization options can be used to create diverse chart and table formats. In addition, the simulations can be transferred to an Excel or PowerPoint file in the respective corporate design via interfaces with just one click.

Our technology and methods

During their time at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Valsight’s founders conducted research on the in-memory technology that makes Valsight work. Valsight focuses on the necessary functions of deeper data analysis, for example, on the update of basic data as well as on multidimensional scenario simulation. Existing data can be updated and thus projected into the future. For example, seasonalities are detected and updated with the help of the ARIMA function. Data science methods are practically applied here by calculating logical jumping off points for the building scenario analyses. Similar methods are used in the preparation and costing of complex and more in-depth scenario analyses.
Our software can be used with BI, CRM, and ERP systems. Valsight can also be integrated into companies’ individual IT setups. Data integration takes place, for example, via interfaces such as OData, SQL or manually via Excel. Input masks can also be used in the software, which make the integration of data possible in a flexible manner.

How does product development work at Valsight?

Product development at Valsight aims to design the product with the best possible options and features for our customers: To design the ideal product in the right way. Research, analysis and feedback from users help to make the product ideal. For Valsight to be built the right way, it works with testing, technology, design, engineering and architecture processes. In the product development process, problems are identified through the research of our colleagues or through user questions and insights, and then solved (often collaboratively). Product development is done in close cooperation with other teams and especially with customers. In the process, the software is always being further developed for and with our customers. Co-creation and co-innovation will continue to play a central role in the future. The product team and the developer team at Valsight work agilely in sprints according to the Scrum method. This means that updates and features can be implemented quickly and flexibly. Releases like Valsight 4.0 , Valsight 4.3.0  and the release Valsight 5.0  were important milestones in the further development of our product.

Implementation of the Valsight software

Before implementing a software, there is the important question of which solution is suitable for the particular needs of a company. Our Customer Success team works closely with (potential) customers to determine whether Valsight software is the right solution for their challenges and requirements. By working together on a proof-of-concept, you will learn about the benefits of Valsight for your business. You can test our software extensively with a use case of your choice for a period of one to three months. Our consulting team is always there to advise you. In a first step, we identify the need and specific use case. Subsequently, we train the respective employees of the company so that they can implement the use case as independently as possible. Valsight follows the concept of self-service in order to increase the acceptance of the solution and to enable long-term use. The users of the software create the value driver model and develop scenarios and simulations based on it. Our Customer Success team is always available to answer questions, whether in initial rule meetings or as the project progresses, as needed. Throughout the implementation process, the Valsight Customer Success team works closely with customers, both on a technical level – answering questions such as, “What are our drivers? How do I create a driver model and where does the data for it come from?” – as well as on a purely technical level.

How will Valsight develop in the future?

Valsight provides more agility with higher quality decisions. Valsight’s goal continues to be to combine business best practices with technical expertise. In this way, the founding idea of the software is continuously pursued – namely to increase decision-making speed through ad-hoc simulation and to reduce mock inaccuracies. The use cases for Valsight software are expanding beyond finance and controlling. In this way, Valsight is developing into a platform for all issues that can be quantified in a driver logic and simulated with KPIs. New features focus on making the application available to additional user groups and thus on tools that meaningfully map the use cases of the respective users.

E-Mail:     info@valsight.com

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E-Mail:   info@valsight.com

Phone:   +49 30 46799044