Valsight 4.3.0 – More Intuitive and Automated for True Finance Excellence

Valsight has been released in version 4.3.0 and shines with even more advanced functionalities, for greater customizability and far-reaching automation.
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To kick off the new year, we’re once again putting some good intentions into action: Valsight is released in version 4.3.0 with useful features and a refined user experience for more efficiency and flexibility.

The significance of an excellent user experience cannot be underestimated, because it is a cornerstone for pleasant working and thus a driver of efficiency in number crunching. Thanks to the intuitive and pleasant use of our software, which we are constantly improving (#ContinuousImprovement), a big step towards finance excellence has already been taken.

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At this year’s Horváth & Partners Finance Excellence Conference shows Matthias Lais (COO main incubator): “Usability is a key element in the successful digitization of the finance function.” Also Stephan Pierer von Esch (Head of Finance, Siemens Healthineers) says: “Digitization is much more than the introduction of tools.” Finance excellence is also experience excellence. Program | Registration

Experience Excellence has many faces. In the 4.3.0 update, we focused on the aspects of automation and intuitive UX. Read the update to the last major release 4.0 here.

On the screen: Automated visualization via OData interface

Anyone who talks about data as the fuel of digitization cannot remain silent about its visualization – otherwise the automotive analogy won’t work: If you tape up the windshield and accelerate at full throttle, you won’t get very far – at best.

As is well known, it is similar with the use of data points – real (i.e. meaningful and value-adding) control can only take place if available data is processed in a way that can be interpreted by us humans.

Blog Finance Excellence - Spock Kirk on the Bridge
“On screen!” – anyone who has to navigate through complex situations needs not only reliable data, but also a good visualization of what’s going on. This was already the case for James Tiberius Kirk – and it is no different for finance and controlling managers.

To make this work even better with Valsight, for example in the context of scenario simulations, we have given the current Valsight version a new data interface: Thanks to the now possible automated export of data via OData, which can be linked to all systems such as MS Excel or other BI tools, the automation of processes is raised to a new level.

Presentations created in PowerPoint automatically update through scenarios created in Valsight as data and numbers change in the system. This makes it easy to embed Valsight within the general software infrastructure not only at the import level but now also at the export level. This saves a lot of time, which remains for the essential tasks, and also improves the basis for discussion, for example when scenarios are to be simulated and discussed ad-hoc in the management meeting.

More intuitive control in the Scenario Manager

We have also further improved the Scenario Manager: The Valsight Cockpit is now even more intuitive and automated than before. This is how variable line shifting works now: Assumptions and line elements can finally be dragged and dropped into the desired or most sensible sequence. Actually a matter of course, one should think, but the twist comes one step later: All dependent elements in the scenario manager move along and mirror the changes in real time. No more tedious “cleaning up” and searching – the interface adapts more closely to users and user needs.

In addition, there are now also extended customization options: For some time now, users have been able to use their own color coding for charts, for example, which – more than just a nice gimmick – leads to faster and more intuitive access. A design system that has now been introduced also leads to better customizability and individualization of “toasts” – i.e. error or confirmation messages that can now be adapted even more quickly and easily to the respective use case and workflow of the user(s).

Do you have any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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Release: Valsight 5.0 - Boosted for Simplicity

Release: Valsight 5.0 - Boosted for Simplicity

The Valsight 5.0 release is here! The new major release is another milestone on the way to the perfect user experience and brings interesting new features.
Valsight 4.0 - Updates for performance and usability

Valsight 4.0 - Updates for performance and usability

Valsight version 4.0 has been released and shines with enhanced functionalities and another performance upgrade. The focus was on improvements to the user experience.
Simulate by sliding: The new slider from Valsight

Simulate by sliding: The new slider from Valsight

With the new slider in the Valsight software, what-if simulations become even better and can be easily implemented and visualized. This makes real-time control even easier.


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