BARC „The Planning Survey 20″

Today, we are proud to announce that this year we again achieved an excellent result in BARC "The Planning Survey 20".

Customers repeatedly confirm high satisfaction with excellent planning software solution from Valsight

From the very beginning, Valsight has pursued a clear vision: to give management the confidence to make the right decisions for the future in a dynamic and complex environment Since then, we have been convinced that modern financial planning in times of increased uncertainty can only succeed if it is managed in an agile, transparent and real-time manner. That’s why our solution focuses on value driver models for more transparency, top-down planning for shorter process times, and automatic calculation of financial plans, forecasts, and “what-if” scenarios in real time.

Today, we are proud to have achieved another excellent result this year in BARC “The Planning Survey 20”, the world’s largest user survey for planning software, and to have come one step closer to our vision: In the comparison groups “European Vendors” and “Flexible Planning Platforms” we have once again been ranked first in the categories “Driver-based planning”, “Forecasting” and “Simulation”. In addition to these crucial planning functions, the high satisfaction of our customers was also confirmed once again – all respondents (100%) would recommend our software solution to others.

In 2019, we had a total of 17 top rankings in our two comparison groups and are pleased to announce that this year we ranked first in 20 categories. Project Success”, “Flexibility” and “Customer Experience”, among others, have been added.

In BARC’s “The Planning Survey 20”, you can expect not only product comparisons in 30 categories, but also an independent analysis by BARC experts. Download the Valsight highlight document now:

Our top awards in detail

Driver-based planning

Consistent plans can be calculated automatically on the basis of value driver models. Changes can be made to the central premises at any time, which increases flexibility in the planning process and significantly reduces the time required. Our customers see a significant advantage in the high transparency of all cause-effect relationships, which strengthens confidence in the results and ensures greater acceptance of planning within the company.


The driver-based approach leads to higher efficiency and quality not only in planning but also in the preparation of regular forecasts. Our customers particularly appreciate the fact that changing market prospects and new developments in the business environment can be added in just a few steps and that the forecast is updated automatically. Forecasts thus become an adequate management tool, the preparation of which no longer takes much time.


The ad hoc simulation of financial scenarios makes it possible to determine the effects on one’s own business in order to be able to make the right decisions. Users of Valsight benefit in particular in management meetings from the calculation of new scenarios within seconds. The rapid results allow immediate discussion of assumptions and their implications.

The seamless interaction of driver-based planning, forecasts and financial scenarios makes Valsight the solution for future-oriented enterprise performance management. The results of “The Planning Survey 20” once again show how satisfied our customers are with Valsight and our solution. Learn more about what our customers say about us and how we differentiate ourselves from other solutions in the Valsight highlight document.

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