BARC “The Planning Survey 21

User-friendly, agile and profitable - Valsight again proves excellent customer satisfaction in the world's largest survey on planning software in 2021.

The top rankings for Valsight in BARC’s planning software survey, The Planning Survey, show us again this year that finance and controlling teams are well on their way to mastering the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape with Valsight.

In addition to top marks for core applications in the KPIs planning functionality, forecasting and simulation and a total of 24 first-place rankings, we achieved a total of 21 leading rankings, and this in a focus group that has grown significantly.

In previous years, our excellent results in the BARC Planning Survey have already shown that users are more than satisfied with Valsight, especially in the categories of Project Success, Performance Satisfaction and Customer Experience.

We were able to increase the number of top rankings to 24 this year!

In addition to the results in 29 KPIs, The Planning Survey 21 also offers independent analyses by BARC experts.

The top rankings and highlights in the video

100% of Valsight users who participated in The Planning Survey 21 are satisfied with the software – and this seems to be mainly due to the excellent support provided by our Valsight experts.

Users are not left alone with questions and emerging problems. On the contrary: customer satisfaction and first-class support are written in capital letters for us! The top rankings in the Vendor Support category show that we are not entirely wrong with this stance.

What our customers say

Very good support, very flexible solution that can be used without coding knowledge. Very user friendly and modern layout.

Consultant, consulting >2,500 employees

As a user, I was surprised how quickly we were able to set up the complex planning of a large corporation and make it simulatable (without the help of consultants). The simplicity, esp. by handling huge amounts of data is very valuable. Aspects that were important to us and had not yet been taken into account in the software were implemented quickly and to a high standard of quality. This customer-friendliness and agility impressed us.

Line of business employee, manufacturing, >2,500 employees

Very fast response time to individual questions and quick problem solving. Tool works error-free and with good performance. Very flexible and transparently prepared data and the control via the scenario manager is very well done.

Line of business employee, manufacturing >2,500 employees

In addition to the classic functions of our software, we place particular emphasis on offering users and decision-makers the best possible user experience. The top rankings in the corresponding categories Customer Experience and Ease-Of-Use not only confirm that we are absolutely right with this approach. But also that user experience is much more than a buzzword, namely a decisive factor for the success of the finance transformation.

Top awards in key categories in BARC: The Planning Survey 21


The planning process with Valsight follows the driver-based approach and is characterized, among other things, by massively increased transparency, the goal-oriented top-down approach and more flexible adjustment options in real time. Result: better and faster foundations for strategy discussions in top management. Full scores in all areas of Planning Functionality show that driver-based planning with Valsight can be relied upon.

BARC Award Badge — planning functionality integrated

With the driver-based planning approach as a basis, monthly or quarterly forecasts can be created at the push of a button: Forecast on demand! Rapid adjustments in response to changing market prospects and sudden challenges are no longer a utopia; contiuous forecasting is becoming a reality.

This is also evidenced by the forecasting top rankings in The Planning Survey
(for the third time in a row, by the way).

BARC Award Badge - Integrierte Vorhersage
Scenario Simulation: The Turbo for Controlling

With the driver-based planning approach as a foundation, monthly or quarterly forecasts can be created at the push of a button: Forecast on demand.

In addition to classic planning and continuous forecasting, Valsight offers a sharpened and, above all, transparent view of the future thanks to versatile simulation options.

Real-time corporate management, which means knowing now what impact tomorrow will have on the day after tomorrow.

With the diverse visualization options, controlling teams are first-class positioned and prepared for management discussions.

BARC Award Badge — simulation midsize

Do you have any further questions? We are happy to help you.

Contact someone from our team of experts now to learn how Valsight can benefit your business.

Thesis Paper: Finance Excellence = UX Excellence

Thesis Paper: Finance Excellence = UX Excellence

In the joint whitepaper by main incubator and Valsight, we dare to explain why the focus on user experience is particularly justified in the finance and controlling environment.
ReThinking Finance: The Forced Paradigm Shift

ReThinking Finance: The Forced Paradigm Shift

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BARC Planning Survey 19

BARC Planning Survey 19

Valsight positions itself as a leading provider of planning, simulation and forecasting solutions: From November 2018 to February 2019, "The Planning Survey" was conducted by BARC.


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