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The clear visualization of the simulation results accelerates the decision-making process and improves its quality.

A wide range of analysis tools support you in evaluating simulated scenarios and financial KPIs. And bring transparency about cause-effect relationships. Prepare the findings using different types of diagrams. Different assumptions and measures can be presented in a catchy way so that you can evaluate them faster and better. Presentations in your corporate design are automatically updated. Thanks to the OData interface, this only takes one click instead of time-consuming manual work.

Present financial KPIs and scenarios in a decision-friendly manner

Evaluate simulated scenarios quickly and easily. Once the numbers are in place, you can choose from a variety of analysis and visualization options. You can easily and quickly create tables and graphs and combine them for powerful management presentations.

Creation of tables and charts at the push of a button
Multidimensional analyses
Meaningful diagrams for the comparison of scenarios
Integrated presentation mode
Live discussion of alternatives

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Multidimensional evaluation

In the workspace for simulations, extensive tools are available for the creation of diagrams and analyses. Combine meaningful charts into dashboards that automatically update with each new simulation. The simple creation and adaptation of multidimensional diagrams facilitates analysis and enables details to be identified at a glance and suitable control measures to be initiated on this basis. For deeper analysis, you break down graphs further and further to evaluate results at lower levels. Open charts or tables by multiple dimensions and levels of detail to uncover unexpected results and gain new insights.

Dynamic presentation

With its appealing user interface and the ability to flexibly adapt scenarios, Valsight can be used live in discussions. But also the possibility to export and forward the created dashboards at the push of a button facilitates the creation of management presentations. Use the integrated presentation mode to communicate your plan scenarios and forecasts. In this way, work statuses are shared that allow full insight into the scenarios that have been set up, but can no longer be changed. This is particularly suitable for status reports to the company management.

Sound decision making

The transparent visualization of the simulation results enables fast, well-founded decisions. Different assumptions and measures are mapped in a meaningful way with the help of assumption bridges or other deviation analyses. This allows you and management to better evaluate more quickly.

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