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Leading simulation software for agile corporate performance management: unparalleled speed and flexibility with our scenario simulation, providing you with a solid foundation for fast decision-making

Proven safety: CVA and TISAX certified
Agile Unternehmenssteuerung mit Valsight - Finanzszenarien einzigartig schnell und einfach simulieren

Agile Corporate Performance Management With Valsight

Efficiency and Effectiveness Combined: With Valsight, you gain speed, predictability, and security in a dynamic, complex business environment. Our simple and flexible scenario simulation swiftly provides all the information needed to respond correctly to sudden changes and complex issues.

Valsight is a crucial part of our controlling tool stack. We can capture and manage the fluctuations of the VUCA world and the risks of transformation through driver-based scenario simulations.

Gesa Merensky
Head of Pricing und Costing & BI

Valsight is the perfect foundation for agile controlling.

Martina Thaler​
Head of Customer Services Finance Performance Controlling

In times of high volatility, we can swiftly respond to changing market conditions and other challenges, all thanks to Valsight.

Stefan Pohl
Sr. Financial Controller

We have calculated scenarios in fractions of seconds, which used to take a whole day of dedicated work. This was one of our biggest achievements and significantly increased acceptance for the driver-based approach.

Matthias von Daacke
Managing Director & Head of Global Controlling

With Valsight, we avoid false precision and become faster.

Julian Hoefers
Former Controller

We have witnessed how Valsight allows us to simplify and automate processes.

Stefan Liesegang
Head of Controlling

As a user, I can quickly create driver trees in numerous dimensions and adjust them as needed to enable a targeted planning process.

Uwe Pohlers
Head of Group Controlling

Thanks to Valsight, I was able to save at least eight days of work in the last planning cycle. In the past, last-minute change requests required complex calculations to adjust staff planning by 0.5 FTEs, for example. Now it's enough to turn a single adjusting screw. Thanks to the simple connection to reporting systems such as Power-BI and Tableau, the changes are also immediately comprehensible for everyone.

Moritz Pawelke
Partner and Berlin Site Manager, Digital Architecture

Agile Corporate Performance Management – It’s as Simple as This

From intuitively mapping complex business models through drag and drop, effortlessly entering numerous scenarios, to visualizing the effects with a click of a button: Valsight is the no-code simulation software designed for FP&A teams who seek better outcomes with significantly less effort.


Transparent Mapping of Business Drivers

Centrally model the business logics of departments, business units, or the entire corporate group with driver models, and easily adjust them independently and flexibly at any time.

Mit Valsight Treibermodelle für Simulationen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung erstellen


Multi-scenario analyses with just a click

Independently simulate multiple financial scenarios for defined financial KPIs with just a click.

Mit Valsight Szenarien für Finanzkennzahlen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung simulieren


Impactful Simulation Results for Real-Time Discussions

Present simulation results live with compelling real-time visualization, including PPT export in your corporate design.

Mit Valsight Simulationserkenntnisse für Finanzkennzahlen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung anschaulich präsentieren

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Top-Rated by FP&A Experts and Customers

Your Turbo for Agile Corporate Performance Management

More Efficiency

Valsight enables flexible, code-free customization of driver models, plan dimensions, and reports. By focusing on relevant business model influencers within the driver tree, planning efforts are reduced. Moreover, with ad-hoc analysis and scenario base changes, you can swiftly adapt to new requirements at any time.

More Effectiveness

You gain transparency into cause-and-effect relationships, leading to better traceability and acceptance. By directly linking objectives to measures for goal achievement, your steering quality improves. Additionally, the scenario-based approach and the ability to create multiple scenarios enable better decision-making in uncertain situations.

Secure Operation

Valsight facilitates effortless data integration by automatically importing and organizing base data, ensuring seamless collaboration with existing infrastructures. We uphold the highest security standards by storing data in the Open Telekom Cloud and have been TISAX and CVA certified.

Use Cases for Optimizing Corporate Performance Management With Valsight

As the leading software for scenario simulation, Valsight takes you further in all FP&A processes where future-oriented data is created and decision-relevant information is needed ad hoc. The greatest benefit is especially evident in strategic and multi-year planning or mid-term planning, and the ad hoc simulation of specific domain-related use cases.

You are in good company

You Can Start Quickly

Ready for Use in a Few Weeks

Thanks to our expertise, your tailor-made driver model will be available within a few weeks. The user-friendly interface allows remarkably fast processing: driver model creation and scenario simulation are done independently with just a few mouse clicks, without the need for IT knowledge or support.

Valsight as Add-On: Simple Optimization of Existing Processes

Valsight can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure and offers flexible input and output formats. As an additional simulation module, it enables you to get the best out of existing data and act in a much more action-oriented manner.