Scenarios within minutes, not days.

Faster data-based strategic descicion-making

Cutting-edge software for answering complex what-if questions in your corporate performance management. In real time. Without IT resources or programming skills.

Trusted by various FP&A & strategy teams

Does this sound familiar?


No transparency

You are jumping from cell to cell in Excel.


Low plausibility

You are regularly asked: “Where are these numbers coming from?


Little flexibility

A new scenario means a lot of extra work for you.


Lack of speed

You can't work efficiently because your system is constantly loading.

The flexible add-on to your existing system and process environment. Calculate multi-optional scenarios for decision-making in just a few seconds with Valsight.

It´s that easy

Valsight is the no-code simulation software for teams that want to achieve better results with much less time and effort. Simple, intuitive mapping of complex business models via drag & drop, easy creation of countless scenarios and visualization of the effects with just one click.


Consistent value driver model of the company

Create uniform, transparent and comprehensive value driver trees using drag & drop. Allowing you to increase the speed and traceability of your calculations.

Mit Valsight Treibermodelle für Simulationen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung erstellen


Comparison of different scenarios

Simulate multiple scenarios interactively along diverse and complex value driver combinations. Streamline your decision-making processes and make data-based decisions.

Mit Valsight Szenarien für Finanzkennzahlen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung simulieren


Present and communicate complex subjects with ease

Create charts and tables in real time to visualize and discuss scenario comparisons. This enables you to conduct visually supported live discussions of business-relevant KPIs.

Mit Valsight Simulationserkenntnisse für Finanzkennzahlen im Kontext der Unternehmenssteuerung anschaulich präsentieren

Valsight is the perfect foundation for agile controlling.

Martina Thaler​
Head of Customer Services Finance Performance Controlling

Valsight is a crucial part of our controlling tool stack. We can capture and manage the fluctuations of the VUCA world and the risks of transformation through driver-based scenario simulations.

Gesa Merensky
Head of Pricing und Costing & BI

In times of high volatility, we can swiftly respond to changing market conditions and other challenges, all thanks to Valsight.

Stefan Pohl
Sr. Financial Controller

As a user, I can quickly create driver trees in numerous dimensions and adjust them as needed to enable a targeted planning process.

Uwe Pohlers
Head of Group Controlling

With Valsight, we avoid false precision and become faster.

Julian Hoefers
Former Controller

We have witnessed how Valsight allows us to simplify and automate processes.

Stefan Liesegang
Head of Controlling

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