Strategic Workforce Planning

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The simulation software for all questions regarding the development of your workforce

Build Up and Expand Personnel in a Targeted Manner

Valsight enables optimal mapping of strategic workforce planning by simulating different scenarios. With the help of a customizable driver model, HR managers can quickly and easily simulate goals, assumptions and measures and transparently display the effects on competence, training or hiring requirements. As a basis for targeted discussions about staffing needs and measures.

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Use Valsight to Answer Questions About the Evolution of Your Workforce

Strategic workforce planning aims to provide the necessary resources for the long-term implementation of the company's strategy. Valsight addresses the challenge of inefficient discussions and helps you answer the truly relevant questions regarding the development of your personnel demand and inventory for the upcoming years.

How do changes in the strategy impact the personnel demand?

Do we have the right (and enough) personnel for new business requirements?

Which competencies are required at which level in which area?

With which resources can the demands be covered?

Where and when do gaps or surpluses arise, and how can they be balanced?

When does the hiring need to start?

When and how will internal training take place?

Is the next generation of managers properly positioned?

What office needs are there in the era of New Work?

Possible Use Cases – and There's Even More

Long-Term Skills Planning

Valsight enables you to systematically map your employees' competencies and align them with current and future requirements. Make the right decisions today to be prepared for tomorrow's challenges. Discuss personnel requirements, including support from external service providers, based on transparent workload calculations in different scenarios. Optimize your teams for the future work environment and make your company future-proof.

Tariff Simulation

With Valsight, you can simulate the exact impact of collective bargaining agreements or salary increases on your personnel costs. Various criteria such as qualification levels or length of service within each salary group are taken into account. Additionally, you can easily include vacation pay, overtime compensation, and special allowances in the simulation of your strategic workforce planning.

Valsight is the perfect foundation for agile controlling.

Martina Thaler​
Head of Customer Services Finance Performance Controlling

In times of high volatility, we can swiftly respond to changing market conditions and other challenges, all thanks to Valsight.

Stefan Pohl
Sr. Financial Controller

With Valsight, we avoid false precision and become faster.

Julian Hoefers
Former Controller

Valsight is a crucial part of our controlling tool stack. We can capture and manage the fluctuations of the VUCA world and the risks of transformation through driver-based scenario simulations.

Gesa Merensky
Head of Pricing und Costing & BI

We have calculated scenarios in fractions of seconds, which used to take a whole day of dedicated work. This was one of our biggest achievements and significantly increased acceptance for the driver-based approach.

Matthias von Daacke
Managing Director & Head of Global Controlling

We have witnessed how Valsight allows us to simplify and automate processes.

Stefan Liesegang
Head of Controlling

As a user, I can quickly create driver trees in numerous dimensions and adjust them as needed to enable a targeted planning process.

Uwe Pohlers
Head of Group Controlling

Thanks to Valsight, I was able to save at least eight days of work in the last planning cycle. In the past, last-minute change requests required complex calculations to adjust staff planning by 0.5 FTEs, for example. Now it's enough to turn a single adjusting screw. Thanks to the simple connection to reporting systems such as Power-BI and Tableau, the changes are also immediately comprehensible for everyone.

Moritz Pawelke
Partner and Berlin Site Manager, Digital Architecture

Further Benefits

Easy creation and simulation of competency matrices

Simulation of the effects of training on the competency pool

Transparency about costs of internal resources vs. external expenses

Simulation of personnel costs in the long term

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