Valsight: Implemented Quickly and Perfectly Suited to Your Specific Use Case

Your fast track to shaping the future in line with your business strategy, implemented tailor-made in just a few weeks.

Valsight erfolgreich implementieren und die Unternehmenssteuerung optimieren

Valsight Implementation: Fast and Tailor-Made

We tailor Valsight precisely to your use case. With our expertise, your driver model will be operational within a few weeks. The intuitive user interface allows for unprecedentedly short processing times: Modeling and simulation are carried out independently with a simple mouse click, without requiring any IT knowledge or support.

The Implementation is Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored to Your Specific Use Case

Whether it's for strategic or multi-year planning, business case simulation, or strategic workforce planning – we assist you in identifying the drivers of your business model and translating them into the appropriate driver model for your defined use case. You decide, we empower.

Tailored to Your Resources

Depending on the complexity of your use case, the implementation can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Our experts provide both functional and technical support throughout the entire process, allowing you to quickly get up to speed. After our onboarding, you will be able to work independently with Valsight.

Tailored to Your Progress

We understand the challenges related to digitization and change management in FP&A, and we specialize in tailoring Valsight to your specific use case. We ensure that the software can be used for other scenarios and easily shared with other teams, enabling you to leverage it for various use cases.

Test Valsight in a Proof of Concept

Thoroughly test Valsight with a one to three-month paid proof of concept. Our consulting team will be available to provide guidance throughout the process. We proceed in three steps, and after completion, you can seamlessly transition to live operations on your own.


Identifying Your Needs

Initially, we identify your requirements and specific use case, providing clarity on what needs to be implemented and when.


Mapping Your Use Case

We assist you in creating your initial simulation models and provide training to ensure independent utilization by your team.


Empowering your team

We support you from the beginning to a successful project completion and ensure that all users can work with Valsight.

These Companies Rely on Valsight

Strong Partners for Change Management

We support you in the digital transformation of your FP&A processes – from the functional and technical implementation of Valsight to the comprehensive optimization of planning and control processes, together with our partners. Our partners come into play when larger-scale change management is required.

Kooperationspartner von Valsight im Kontext der agilen Unternehmenssteuerung

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