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Customized subscription models and pricing packages for companies of various sizes and requirements

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Preise und Lizenzmodelle von Valsight

Valsight Subscription Models: Quick to Start and Roll Out

You have the choice between the subscription models Team, Corporate, or Enterprise, which can be easily upgraded as needed. We offer all solutions in the cloud or partially in your data center. Our subscription model is based on user-based licenses with annual usage fees and comprises various packages. We are happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate model for your needs.


Ideal for small teams and individual users working on their own simulation models.

  • Graphic model editor
  • Simulation interface
  • Dashboards

starting from €25,000 p.a.


The solution for cross-departmental processes in companies.

  • All Team features plus:
    • Workflow management
    • Presentation mode
    • Integrated APIs
    • Basic add-on options

    starting from €45,000 p.a.


    The complete package for global roll-out, also available on-premise.

  • All Corporate features plus:
    • Enhanced governance and security functionalities
    • Expanded project and dimension scope
    • Premium support and advanced add-on options

    price upon request

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    Proof of Concept as an Ideal Entry Point

    Experience the benefits of Valsight in a proof of concept phase with trial licenses and an extensive consulting offer tailored to your specific requirements. Upon completion, you will have a ready-to-use simulation solution that can be seamlessly transitioned to live operations. The price for it varies depending on project duration and support needs, ranging from €15,000 to €25,000 as a one-time cost.

    Test the requirements based on the use case

    Create driver models and simulate scenarios yourself

    Evaluate the software and results

    Introduce your team to Valsight

    Learn from Valsight consultants

    Make an informed decision about using Valsight

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