A Few Minds Behind Valsight

A team with diverse interests and backgrounds, but one commonality: the joy of tackling the challenge of optimizing corporate performance management

Karriere bei Valsight

Meet Some Members of the Valsight Team

Our goal is to support FP&A and strategy teams, as well as the management, in solving complex business challenges faster to secure the future success of their companies. We are a team with diverse interests and backgrounds, but we share a common passion for working on this exciting mission.

David Schwalb

Head of Engineering & Co-Founder

Responsible for the technical development of our SaaS solution with his team and ensures that Valsight works in the best possible way from a technical point of view.

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David Schwalb, Co-Founder und Head of Engineering bei Valsight

Joshua Pauls

Head of Customer Success

Responsible for existing customer business with his team. He ensures that our customers can successfully map their use cases and is responsible for conceptualization and operationalization of proof-of-concept projects.

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Joshua Pauls, Head of Customer Success bei Valsight

Katharina Dedkow

Head of Marketing

Ensures with her team that high standards of brand experience are developed, implemented and maintained across all marketing channels and also that Valsight remains relevant.

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Katharina Dedkow, Head of Marketing bei Valsight

Khai Tran

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Responsible for business growth and overall strategic and operational leadership.

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Khai Tran, Managing Director bei Valsight

Steffen Wathling

Head of Product

Responsible for product management with his team and the technical development of the software in line with customer requirements.

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Steffen Wathling, Head of Product bei Valsight

Fanny Frenkler

Head of HR

As an expert for people processes and people development, supports Valsight in ensuring that the core values are not just written on the wall, but are also lived and integrated into processes.

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Fanny Frenkler, Head of HR bei Valsight

Birger Jens

Solution Advisor and Team Lead

Being the link connecting the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, Birger is the first point of contact for controllers from all industries who are on the lookout for solutions that drive the digital finance transformation. He explores the needs and potentials, and makes sure we find the perfect solution to every use case.

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Birger Jens, Solution Advisor bei Valsight

Martin Faust

Chief Solution Architect & Co-Founder

Ensures smooth implementation of Valsight at customers and acts as a coach to existing and new customers to ensure they get the most out of Valsight and their use cases.

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Martin Faust, Co-Founder und Chief Solution Architect bei Valsight

Klara Osterloh

Customer Success Consultant und University Alliance Representative

Supports clients as a consultant in the implementation of Valsight and uses this knowledge to introduce future controllers to modern enterprise performance management with Valsight as a contact person for controlling chairs at universities.

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Klara Osterloh, Customer Success Consultant bei Valsight

Eduard Baratynskiy

Team Lead Consulting

Implements customer requirements for scenario simulation and driver logic in implementation projects with his team and provides consulting support during live operation.

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Eduard Baratynskiy, Team Lead Consulting bei Valsight

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