Use case: Multi-year planning

Flexibility and efficiency in multi-year planning

Valsight offers you more efficiency and flexibility through an agile value driver-based planning approach with integrated scenario simulations. For a rethinking of the planning process towards modern, agile enterprise performance management.

Top-down, instead of bottom-up: Focus on the key influencing factors with Valsight, instead of creating countless iterations of planning from the cost centres upwards. As the level of detail is reduced, so is the effort. All this without compromising on planning quality.

Effective strategy implementation through better action planning and target setting

At its best, multi-year planning serves as a guide for deriving new measures to achieve the long-term goals that have been set. As a point of reference, a corrective and a guide for internal interdepartmental communication and cooperation. The greatest added value comes from the transition from strategic planning through multi-year planning to operational planning. This is exactly where Valsight comes in.

Whether for defining measures or target setting – Valsight provides you with decision-relevant information in real time through ad-hoc simulations. So that long-term planning does not end up in a drawer, but keeps your company constantly on course.

Qualitatively better strategic and medium-term planning thanks to driver models
Low processing effort due to automation and central data model
Agile, efficient planning process with short lead times
Linking medium-term and operational planning
More stringency in the entire planning process

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More efficiency and effectiveness in the planning process

Planning in Valsight means thinking in scenarios. A comprehensive model depicts the interdependencies of the company and enables flexible and consistent simulations. A steering-relevant modelling logic is used to define which plans are automatically calculated based on a starting point with assumptions and actions. Flexible adjustments and updated evaluations can be made at any time at the push of a button. Effective strategy implementation by integrating strategic measures into planning enables better action-related discussions and more efficient coordination.

Your benefits

Efficiency & effectiveness
Top-down orientation and automation for better quality plans and process optimisation.

Measures as a link improve the dovetailing of strategy and operations.

Driver models and software support for clarity about cause-effects relationships and effects of measures.

Thinking in scenarios and agile adaptation of premises. Faster iterations for discussions.

Standardisation & consistency

Comprehensively defined models for uniform calculation logic and consistent planning at the push of a button.

Commitment & acceptance

Mutually defined standards allow for better consensus on goals.

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Ad hoc simulation

Ad hoc simulation

You can simulate all scenarios that can be mapped with numbers. Whether collective bargaining, portfolio structures, investments in new business models, or M&As.
Financial Forecast

Financial Forecast

Achieve more efficiency while creating forecasts through elegant data consolidation and multidimensional calculations.


Valsight is a simulation software for agile enterprise performance management. So that controlling teams not only become faster but also better.


Phone:   +49 30 46799044


Phone:   +49 30 46799044

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