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Secure cloud options for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data

Proven safety: CVA and TISAX certified
Datensicherheit & Systemintegrität - IT-Integration von Valsight

Secure Software for Your Company

Our SaaS solution for corporate performance management offers high data and information security. You can choose between using it in the cloud or on local servers.

Secure Cloud Solution for Your Corporate Performance Management

Valsight offers a secure cloud solution with options for Team, Corporate, or Enterprise versions to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We utilize the Open Telekom Cloud by T-Systems, with data storage in Biere near Magdeburg, and comply with the highest security standards according to German and European law. As a company, we have been audited for TISAX and CVA compliance. Additionally, T-Systems' data center is certified for BSI C5, TISAX, and other standards. The Valsight Enterprise option provides numerous advantages, including a fully managed solution, automatic updates, secure backups, and disaster recovery. Secure login is achieved through your SSO provider, including MFA (multi-factor authentication) and advanced access restrictions. Many of our customers benefit from this fully organized cloud solution by Valsight, relieving them of the need to manage backups and disaster recovery.

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On-Premise Valsight as an Alternative to the Cloud

Cloud solutions do not suit your needs? No problem! Valsight can also be operated on your own server. We offer an on-premise implementation of Valsight Enterprise, allowing you to run Valsight in-house, for example, for compliance reasons. Feel free to contact us for comprehensive consultation.


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