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Case Studies

Simulate flexible scenarios in real time

Value-driver-based long-term planning at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The challenge

Lack of transparency in multidimensional business models

Commercial Vehicles is a brand of the VW Group. The focus in the company is on the production of light commercial vehicles for commercial use as well as vehicles for private customers in the lifestyle, family and camping sectors. The product range is sold with country-specific configurations in over 100 markets.

This results in a diversity of variants that far exceeds that of other large-series manufacturers. This results in complicated data dimensions. In order to guarantee transparent and flexible planning in this situation, the large amount of data on sales information and vehicle types must be coordinated efficiently.

Up to now, planning has been decentralized, and knowledge about cause-effect relationships has been distributed at various levels in Excel files, resulting in a long lead time. These processes are to be made clearer and more transparent in order to facilitate efficient and effective work. In addition to this, many different scenarios have to be simulated in the planning of VW Commercial Vehicles.

This is the only way to react quickly to the volatile business environment and to unforeseeable events.

We chose Valsight because the solution allows us to react faster to unpredictable events. The relatively fast implementation time as well as the possibilities of real-time simulation and analysis have far exceeded our expectations.

Marc Brüschke
Project Manager Driver-based Financial Planning, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
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The solution

Central simulation of scenarios

Through the use of driver models, multidimensional, complex models are clearly represented. Different business units can be connected and related with the help of the model logic, whereby cause-effect relationships become clear. This creates a transparent and uniform basis for planning.

Instead of complicated communication across different levels, the exchange takes place via Valsight and is visible to all participants. Various scenarios can then be created and calculated in Valsight. The integration of assumptions and measures enables a direct comparison of different scenarios. For example, it is possible to quickly calculate what effects the use of a different type of drive in certain vehicle classes would have on VW Commercial Vehicles’ planning results.

Thanks to Valsight, we can achieve one of our main goals: avoid false accuracy and become faster.

Julian Hoefers Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
Julian Höfers
Financial Planning & Analysis, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The result

Increased planning quality with less effort

By implementing Valsight, VW Commercial Vehicles can efficiently organize the planning of the individual business units.

Since the implementation of the solution, the planning effort has already been reduced by 30%.

After a few workshops, the departments can create models with Valsight and work with them.

The lead time could be shortened enormously by the central scenario simulation.

The exchange happens faster, which allows a flexible reaction to market changes. This ensures a higher planning quality, a faster speed and an increased effectiveness of the planning.

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