3 Numbers – Katharina Dedkow

Just in time for Advent 2020, Katharina starts as Head of Marketing at Valsight. For example, she shares Warren Buffett's opinion: you should learn one new thing every at least day.

Advent traditionally means waiting for the arrival of the Savior. We don’t have to wait any longer for a Valsight 2020 cure. In addition to Eduard Baratynskiy, Katharina Dedkow started working miracles as the new Head of Marketing in the run-up to Christmas.

She knows: miracles always come – but not by themselves. “According to Warren Buffett,” she says, “you should learn at least 1 new thing every day, no matter how small.”

A thought she seeks to put into practice, even against adversity. Here she introduces herself in 3 figures:


Setting high goals is something I took figuratively this year. What was meant to be a short wellness getaway in Salzburger Land in the summer has surprisingly turned into a hiking vacation.

Instead of enjoying the sun at the pool in front of a magnificent alpine panorama as planned, I couldn’t resist the call of the mountains as soon as I arrived. Until then everything else than a “wanderer” I just walked on it.

The routes became longer every day, the climbs steeper, the mountains higher. Finally, these walks “culminated” in reaching the top of the Sonntagskogel in Wagrain. Altitude: 1849m.


22,5 hours.

Or: 1.350 minutes.

oder: 81.000 seconds.

That’s how long it takes to watch all the Star Wars episodes including. “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

That’s exactly how much of my life I’ve spent as well. At least, because the number of unreported cases is admittedly much higher, since I can’t zap away even from regular TV repeats if I happen to come across them. I blame this on early childhood imprinting 😉


And since I’m already at “accidentally stumble upon it”: So I came to the following information some time ago. According to Warren Buffett, you should learn at least 1 new thing every day, no matter how small. A nice thought, which I try to put into practice, even if I don’t always succeed. Today, however, it does – in the form of this info: Koalas get hiccups when they are stressed. I also include the category “useless knowledge”. 😉

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