Valsight Successfully Certified According to TISAX®

TISAX® certificate for Valsight as evidence of the highest information and data security standards

TISAX®-Zertifikat bestätigt Informations- und Datensicherheit bei Valsight und qualifiziert den SaaS-Anbieter als vertrauenswürdigen Partner.© Philipp Katzenberger, Unsplash

Valsight Has Successfully Obtained the Tisax® Certification and Qualifies as a Reliable Partner in the Automotive Industry, as Well as in Other Sectors

Valsight received the TISAX® certificate Level 3, including the modules "high protection requirement" and "data protection", in February 2023. This certification reaffirms the extensive data protection measures in place, positioning Valsight as a reliable partner for the automotive industry. Data protection and information security are of paramount importance in the automotive industry, given the potential risks of data theft, hacking attacks, and espionage, which necessitate comprehensive protection. Furthermore, the TISAX® certification is relevant in other industries as well, as it confirms a high level of security and trustworthiness.

TISAX® Certificate: The Standard for Information Security in the Automotive Industry

TISAX® stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is a standard for information security established by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA). This standard serves as a framework for auditing the information security of companies working with automotive manufacturers. The TISAX® standard thus replaces manufacturer-specific requirements and guarantees a high level of security for all areas of the company. The TISAX® Level 3 assessment confirms that Valsight can demonstrate the highest standards in terms of information security.

Valsight Once Again Classified as a Trusted Partner

Valsight's SaaS cloud solution processes data with very high protection requirements on behalf of its customers. Thus, information security has been central to Valsight since its foundation in 2015, which enabled it to successfully complete the TISAX ® assessment. Last year, Valsight's information security system was already successfully audited by the German Cyber Security Organisation (DCSO) as part of a "Cloud Vendor Assessment". The SaaS provider has always placed great emphasis on information security and the TISAX® certificate confirms what Valsight has already been practising.

The successful TISAX® assessment proves to other potential customers and partners that Valsight has important externally validated security measures in place to protect data from theft, loss, or misuse. Valsight will continue to maintain these security standards, ensuring future collaborations with partners in the automotive industry and beyond.

  • Scope ID: SX5L56
  • TISAX Participant ID: PR228M
  • Valsight contact: Martin Faust, Chief Solution Architect,