Agile financial planning

Whitepaper on agility in business management and guidelines for designing an agile planning process.

Agility in corporate management as a response to VUCA

In times of high uncertainty, increasing market dynamics and volatility, rigid, lengthy controlling processes are no longer sufficient for successful corporate planning. Business leaders must react quickly to change and make complex decisions within ever shorter timeframes. As a result, more flexibility and agility are needed in corporate management.

Controlling, as the process owner of corporate management and business partner of management, is required to position itself accordingly in order to be able to provide management with ad-hoc answers to complex questions as required. In other words, the controlling organization must become agile(er) – starting with the mindset and extending to its structures and processes. But what does “agile” actually mean?

The term agility is on everyone’s lips. On the one hand, this popularity is helpful, as it can be read as priming: a step toward a comprehensive cultural shift toward agile performance management. The other side of the popularity coin: The term degenerates into a buzzword devoid of content.

To counter this trend, we bring back the context in the whitepaper and outline the history of agile. Finally, we look to the future: guidelines for the agile design of the planning process translate the maxim of agility into requirements that enable contemporary corporate management.

Whitepaper Agile Business Planning with Valsight

The whitepaper “Planning and Agility” shows:

  • What “agility” means
  • How agile teams work
  • What are the agile methods
  • Why corporate management must be set up (more) agile
  • How agile business planning works
  • How the entire finance and controlling organization benefits from more agility

Valsight supports you in setting up your controlling in an (more) agile way

What our customers say about their more agile finance and controlling organization:

In times of high volatility, we are able to react quickly to changing market conditions and other challenges – thanks to Valsight.

Carsten Schmitt​
ehem. Head of Group Finance bei Commerzbank AG

Valsight is the perfect foundation for agile controlling.

Martina Thaler​
Head of Customer Services Finance Performance Controlling bei Siemens Healthineers

We have seen how we can simplify and automate processes with Valsight.

Stefan Liesegang​
Head Of Controlling bei Thalia

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