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Webinar with PwC – Automotive industry as an example of how Continuous Forecasting can be used

Webinar von Valsight mit PwC – Automobilbranche als Beispiel wie Continuous Forecasting eingesetzt werden kann

Continuous Forecasting – Staying Up-to-Date With Just a Click of a Button

Not only the automotive industry is facing tremendous transformation pressure. Especially in this sector, the year 2020 of the pandemic brought declining revenues and increased competition for manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, the digital transformation has long been challenging established truths, affecting development, production, and all other corporate areas.

Once, a well-known car advertisement called for a change in mindset. Another suggests that progress can be achieved through technology. Both statements hold true for corporate performance management. However, to succeed, technology and processes must be cleverly interconnected.

In our webinar, we demonstrate using a practical example from the automotive industry how you can implement continuous forecasting in your company to provide unprecedented agility to controlling. Continuous forecasting is an approach that combines technology and methodology to stay 'on top' in dynamic times.

These are the topics

  • Continuous misunderstanding: rethinking the process instead of merely repeating it
  • Prerequisites for a successful continuous forecasting process
  • Practical example from the automotive industry
  • Outlook: implementation and initial steps

Gori von Hirschhausen from PwC and Martin Faust from Valsight lead the session, including a live demo. The video is only available in German.