Fun with Controlling!?

Webinar with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – the relationship between psychology and controlling, available in German

Fun and Controlling – Can They Go Together?

The Digital Finance Transformation is something that no one in our industry can avoid today. However, amidst new methods and terms, there are still quite a few question marks. With 19 years of experience, Marc Brüschke (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) is already a seasoned pro in the controlling business. He is not only familiar with Finance Transformation but also explores psychology and alternative realities that people create.

Well, at Valsight, we do that too: scenario simulation is, after all, exactly that – the creation of alternative realities. Of course, only hypothetically: "What if, ...". In our webinar, we delve into all of this and discuss what automation in controlling has to do with applied psychology and why, despite all seriousness of adulthood, we must not forget how to play.

These Are the Topics

  • What does Finance Transformation have to do with psychology?
  • Why controllers must not forget how to play.
  • How much automation do we need in controlling?
  • How can investment controlling work and what role do software solutions play?
  • Where do challenges and potentials lie – and how to approach both?

The video is only available in German.