Ludic Control – Controlling as a Game?

Webinar with HWR Berlin/LUDEO – commonalities of computer games and controlling, available in German

Similarities of Computer Games and Controlling

Playing – that is what man has always done since the beginning of time. Whether in Roman arenas, as a classic board game or at the Olympic Games. The world of games is diverse and a timeless part of our being.

Prof. Dr. Avo Schönbohm, business lecturer at the HWR Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law, and founder of LUDEO knows a lot about games. We talk to him about why computer games and controlling have more to do with each other than one might think. Game thinking is the buzzword here and we get to the bottom of it in our webinar.

These Are the Topics

  • Why game thinking is said to be the most effective social technology of all time
  • How much "play" is there in controlling?
  • What role does fun play in IT-supported controlling systems?
  • How does the implementation of game thinking work and which game elements are transferable?

The video is only available in German.